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i'm a shallow, selfish, inconsiderate typical teenage girl. i live in a small town, full of people who are going nowhere with their lifes. but i have a bigger plans for myself. maybe one day i'll cure cancer or direct a million dollar movie -- and then i'll be somebody. i know what i want and it's not to be a nobody forever. i'll probably never be homecoming queen or class president. but i'm quite content with who i am. even though i have many flaws, no one is perfect. well.. except now a days -- when you put on a fake personality and sing your pretty little heart out, so little 13 year old girls wll idolize you. until you get famous enough and start selling your body to playboy; and make 30 million bucks, to get plastic surgery. my parents have been my for the majority of my life. i'm your typical class clown, i can make anyone laugh. i find dumb things amusing and dumb people find me amusing. i have no siblings, which makes me a spoiled brat. i'm a pretty big cry baby; i get my way or there is no way at all. i'm mean to most of the people i know, unless i have a huge respect for you. which isn't likely, because i don't tend to idolize to many people. you just have to live with it or not even bother having me in your life. but i tend to grow on people, kinda like lint sticking to a black shirt.

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Musiker: Killswitch Engage, Red hot chilli peppers, Insane Clown Posse, Kittie, Twiztid, MSI, ATC, Bleeding Through, Poison The Well, Drowning Pool, A Perfect Circle, CKY, Dark Lotus, Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, The lost prophets, HIM, Nine Inch Nails, The Donnas, Dimmu Borgir, Hawthorne Heights, Dresden Dolls, FeFe Dobison, Panic! at the disco, Unwritten Law, Godsmack, Papa Roach,Slipknot, Smile Empty Soul, Lil' Wyte, Trapt, System of a Down, The Cars,Atreyu, Marilyn Manson, A Fire Inside, Queen, Evanescence, Disturbed, NIRVANAAA, Nas, 2pac, Good Charlotte,Evanescene,Flyleaf, Linkin Park,
Lieder: forgive me,
I┬┤m so sick,
The Anthem,
I can,
I write sins not tragedies,
Ganze Welt,
What you┬┤re made of

Sendungen: King of Queens, Prince of Bel Air, O.C California, HH, GG
Filme: Forrest Gump,Stirb Langsam, The Green Mile, How High, Dance, 8 mile...
Schauspieler: Cameron Diaz,
BŘcher: ...
Autoren: James Patterson
Sportarten: Eiskunstlauf,

Sportler: Katarina Witt...^^
Hobbies: eiskunstlaufen, handball, (beach-)volleyball, froinde treffen, musik h├Âren, crazy sach├Â├Â├Â├Ân mit minem schatz├╝├╝├╝├╝*hehehehehe*, singen, songs schreiben, surfen, snowboarden usw.^^
Orte: Meine H├Ąngematte,
Unisex *love* *gggg*,
Bonanaza (Kaffe),
Bei Anjeli <3

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